Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Arrest in Thrown Away Baby Who Survived Abortion--Only to Die in Medical Waste Bag

Readers of SHS will recall the awful case of the baby who survived a late term abortion only to be--allegedly--put in a medical waste bag and literally thrown away. The abortionist already lost his license in the case, and now there has been an arrest. From the story:

An abortion clinic owner is accused of delivering a live baby during a botched procedure and then throwing the infant away. Belkis Gonzalez, 42, was arrested Tuesday and charged with practicing medicine without a license and tampering with evidence, both felonies, said Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office. If found guilty, Gonzalez would face at least a year in prison and up to 15 years.
I was pretty outraged that the charges were practicing medicine without a license, etc. I thought they should include murder, or at the very least, manslaughter. But then I saw this part of the story:
Authorities were unable to definitively determine the cause of death--and Gonzalez's role in it--because the baby's body had decomposed by the time it was found eight days later, said Griffith, the attorney's office spokesman.
Covering up the alleged crime clearly paid in this case. I also hope the Feds weigh in with a violation of the Infant Born Alive Protection Act.



At March 04, 2009 , Blogger Bobby Bambino said...

"Authorities were unable to definitively determine the cause of death--and Gonzalez's role in it--because the baby's body had decomposed by the time it was found eight days later"

Had the baby been killed inside the mother, it would be "choice." Had it been killed outside the mother, it would be murder. Location for some reason completely determines the child's rights.

It's also interesting to note that the story uses the word "baby" rather than the dehumanizing "fetus."

At March 04, 2009 , Blogger Wesley J. Smith said...

Bobby Bambino: Well, our President's comments to the contrary notwithstanding, once a fetus is born, he or she is a baby.

At March 04, 2009 , Blogger Bobby Bambino said...

Well, I guess my point was that if it isn't clear how the child died as your quote mentions, the MSM would use the default word "fetus" so that just in case the death turned out to be a result of an abortion, there would be no controversy.

At March 04, 2009 , Blogger SAFEpres said...

Why hasn't he been charged with murder?

At March 04, 2009 , Blogger Lydia McGrew said...

I understand what they are saying about decomposition, but I cannot help wondering if that would be such a block if a larger and older person had been witnessed being zipped into a bag and his decomposing body discovered on the premises eight days later. Ironically, no one actually saw (as far as we know) Gonzales hide the body on the roof or in the closet (where I have read it was eventually found), but witnesses saw Gonzales putting the living child into the bag. So an assault on the child, for which Gonzales is not being charged, is attested to by witnesses, whereas evidence tampering, with which Gonzales is being charged, is not attested to directly by witnesses. Or is the claim that zipping the child into the bag _was_ the evidence tampering?

At March 06, 2009 , Blogger Ianthe said...

How could anyone DO that? I guess the same way they could euthanize an elderly or disabled person.

At March 07, 2009 , Blogger T E Fine said...

Ianthe -

Or the same way my neighbors would randomly use stray cats for BB gun target practice. People don't care because they don't empathize.

Bobby Bambino -

The reason that the location matters is, if the kid's inside the mom, then she's a burden and the mom has the right to eject a burden. The mom's body belongs only to the mother, not to the baby growing inside, so killing the baby is perfectly acceptable. Outside the body, though, there's nothing left inside the mother, so it's not a burden, and then killing the baby is a crime. Which ticks me off to *no* end because why should the baby's location change the fact that she's an individual, in need of individual rights? Insane! And unfair!

(On a positive note, the boys in question mentioned above recently stopped shooting cats - apparently one of the cats they shot, and who lived, was an expensive pure-bred that got loose. Her human mom threatened to sue the pants off the boys' parents and the parents threatened to send their sons to military school. It's been very quiet around here for the last ten months.)

At March 07, 2009 , Blogger Ianthe said...

T.E.: I'm glad that at least that cat survived. It's not right when the only way to stop a cruelty is via raising a property issue, and that's at the core of what the animal rights movement is all about.


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