Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Euthanasia Activist: Don't Burden Me With Care of Aging Parents

Ah, this story gets us to an important nub of the euthanasia debate. BBC host Jenni Murray has created a suicide pact with friends in case she becomes incapacitated. But here is the real deal: She doesn't want to be burdened with caring for her aging parents. From the publicity materials about a coming documentary in which Murray "rants" about the so-called right to die: "Jenni is angry that, having fought so hard to become liberated and independent, women are now being trapped into caring for dependent parents."

Poor baby. But it is good that she is being candid. I have always suspected that often, when people say they "wouldn't want to be a burden," they are actually (or also) saying, "I don't want to be burdened." And imagine the insidious message that the elderly receive from such advocacy. Why, it might be enough to make them want to commit suicide.


At February 27, 2007 , Blogger greatkate_8 said...

NO. Thats not at all what pro-euthanasia people saying. its "I'd rather part with my parents instead of watching them suffer." How could anyone possibly argue that? You're making anyone for euthanasia sound like criminals.

At March 30, 2007 , Blogger dmurphy_10 said...

It may be true that people who are pro-euthanasia don't want to see their loved ones suffer, but the input of the parents is much more important. It doesn't matter if YOU want them to die, what matters is if THEY want to live! I totally agree with his statement, the fact that the elderly are seen as a burden by the ones they love the most is what drives most people to choose assisted suicide or euthanasia rather than let life run its course. Watching someone you care for suffer is always hard, but the suffering is brought on not only by social neglect, but knowing that they are viewed as a burden. Depression and hopelessness are what lead to the desire for a hastened death. They don't need to be terminated, if you will, they need to be cared for. We are fortunate enough to have a hospice system that allows someone to die naturally, as comfortably as possible, and with their loved ones spiritually easing them. You're not a criminal if you're for euthanasia, but you are definatly selfish in only thinking of easing the burden on your shoulders rather than that of your dying loved one.


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