Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kansas City Star Allows Me To Argue: SCNT IS Human Cloning

Regular readers of Secondhand Smoke know that I am absolutely fuming about the propaganda effort by cloning boosters to redefine terms and obfuscate basic science. I will be writing much about this in coming months.

Whether SCNT is human cloning is one of the threshold issues in the upcoming Missouri initiative to create a constitutional right to engage in research cloning in that state. I have been especially frustrated by the media's seeming kowtowing to whatever term or definition the pro cloning side wants used.

One of the big offenders, in my view, has been the Kansas City Star. The editorial board of the Star courteously agreed to meet me about this matter while I was recently in Kansas to give a speech. We had a productive exchange and the editorial board editor agreed to publish an op/ed piece on the issue of whether SCNT is human cloning. It appeared today. Thank you, KC Star.


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